The following are a few of the workshops for educational organizations I have facilitated:

New York College Learning Skills Association Symposium, April 2011
Time Management, Motivation, and The Psychology of Procrastination: Understanding and
Teaching Self-Regulatory Behaviors
  • "Displayed energy and positive presence"
  • "Top shelf"
  • "Engaging and relatable"
  • "Excellent presentation; enjoyable, helpful and interesting"
  • "Information-packed, interesting and funny"
  • "One of the best presenters I've seen!"

New England Education Opportunity Association, Portland, Maine, April 2011
From Time Management to Behavior Management: The Psychology of Procrastination
  • "Dr. Hazard fired up the crowd with her presentation at our recent
    professional conference in Maine. Her obvious knowledge of personality
    psychology and applications to behavior were matched by her high energy
  • "Laurie Hazard is high speed and high energy. Her presentation on
    procrastination made a ton of sense and made us want more."
  • "Relevant to students and professionals. Would work well at all conferences
  • "Wish it could have been longer; terrific!"
  • "One of the best presenters I’ve experienced – my new role model!"
  • "Lots of energy, funny; I could see the passion she has about her subject"

First Year Experience and Students in Transition, Atlanta, GA, February 2011
Integrating Study Skills into First Year Experience Courses
  • "Gained great perspective on where many students are coming from"
  • "Fabulous, infinitely useful; just the right balance of personal and
  • "Great information; research-based and excellent resources"
  • "Dynamic approaches into how to integrate study skills into FYE courses"
  • "Great session; needs more time; outstanding presenter and presentation"
  • "Super presentation; very useful info"
  • "High energy and enthusiasm"
Workshops for Educational Organizations