November 12, 2011
College Reading and Learning Association
San Diego, CA,

Time Management, Motivation, and The Psychology of Procrastination: Understanding and
Teaching Self-Regulatory Behaviors

  • Wonderful! Thanks for renewing my own motivation and behavior early on a Saturday morning
    and for reminding me how I used to teach-with great energy, humor, drama, and a little shock
  • This was an excellent presentation.  I've been looking for research based information on
    procrastination, rather than just tips!  Thank you so much.
  • So glad I got up for this presentation. EXCELLENT!
  • They keep the best speakers for last.
  • Best presentation I've been to at the conference. Very engaging and applicable.
  • Very dynamic presentation and most helpful I've been to during this conference;excellent
    resources via the handouts.  Thank you!

November 18, 2011
Middlesex Community College
Middletown, CT

  • Excellent!  Thank you!
  • Excellent concrete information and presentation.
  • Exceptional!
  • Excellent and much more informative than I thought it would be for a workshop on reading.
  • Great refresher with new knowledge.
  • Excellent strategies for all levels of students. Superb!

Faculty Development Workshop, Teaching Effective Reading Strategies

February 3, 2012,
Learning Enhancement Forum, Babson College, MA,   
Lunch Keynote:
Making the Hidden Curriculum of Tutor Training a Key Component of the Overt Curriculum

  • "Dr. Hazard was a joy to listen to. Not one minute was wasted. She was engaging, funny,
    professional, informed, and very down to earth--not always the case in higher ed. Her material is
    excellent, and I took copious notes. I train tutors in 2 different programs--graduate and
    undergraduate--and I'm employing some of her information already. I can see why you invited
    her back!"
  • "I had my first tutor training workshop the next day.  I have already incorporated some of
    Laurie's content into my workshop.  Loved it!"
  • "This is the second time hearing Dr. Hazard speak at Babson. I think her presentation this year
    was right on point, engaging and very informative."
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