The following are a few of the keynote speeches I have given:


Learning Enhancement Forum, Babson College, MA, February 2012
Making the Hidden Curriculum of Tutor Training a Key Component of the Overt Curriculum

  • "Dr. Hazard was a joy to listen to. Not one minute was wasted. She was engaging, funny,
    professional, informed, and very down to earth--not always the case in higher ed. Her material is
    excellent, and I took copious notes. I train tutors in 2 different programs--graduate and
    undergraduate--and I'm employing some of her information already. I can see why you invited her

  • "I had my first tutor training workshop the next day.  I have already incorporated some of Laurie's
    content into my workshop.  Loved it!"

  • "This is the second time hearing Dr. Hazard speak at Babson. I think her presentation this year was
    right on point, engaging and very informative."

Learning Assistance Association of New England, October 2010
Developing and Engaging A Community of Learners: Cultivating The Habits of Mind for
Academic Success and Lifelong Learning

  • "Laurie is a great, dynamic speaker."
  • "Excellent!"         
  • "Fantastic!"
  • "Awesome! I enjoyed the speaker—lots of stories."

Babson University and the Leon Lowenstein Foundation, Beyond Support: Building         
Academic Excellence Through Learning Enhancement, February 2010
Top Five Practices for Achieving An Integrated Learning Enhancement Model

A Better Chance, June, 2000
Time Management and the Psychology of Procrastination

Elwood T. Wyman Elementary School PTA, March 2008
Helping Your Child Develop Efficient Independent Studying Behaviors

Bryant University, Smithfield, RI, annually June 1999-present
Yo, Dorothy!  You’re Not In High School Anymore
  • "Great presenter…..made it entertaining"
  • "Got audience involved….awesome presenter"
  • "Great! Informative and interesting"
  • "Laurie is entertaining and fun to listen to"
  • "Great speaker, really knew the material"
  • "Ms. Hazard was so charismatic and passionate about what she does, it was hard not
    to be engaged in the program. The information was very useful and helpful."

Bryant University, Smithfield, RI, annually June 2002-present
Foundations for Learning
  • "Truly enjoyed Laurie Hazard…she was motivating, real and funny"
  • "Laurie Hazard is an excellent speaker. Very entertaining!"
  • "Laurie Hazard was superb, funny and put a lot of parents at ease regarding the
    FFL program. I hope my child benefits greatly from the FFL program."
  • "Laurie was lively and kept my attention—I am from NY so I get fast talking!"
  • "Laurie Hazard is a 'tell it like it is' dynamo. Entertaining as well as informative.
    Appreciated her keeping it real approach."
  • "Dr. Hazard’s session was great. Helpful and honest."
  • "Ms. Hazard was very charismatic which made it very easy to sit and listen to her. It
    wasn’t boring. I thought the information was very useful and helpful."
  • "I really enjoyed Laurie’s presentation. She was honest, upfront and entertaining.
    According to my daughter, this scared a lot of kids. Not such a bad thing…I think."
  • "Spot on! I wish she were teaching my daughter the FFL course."
  • "Dr. Hazard is very entertaining while delivering an important message about
    qualities it takes to succeed in college. She got her point across to the parents—we
    hope the students as well!"
  • "Laurie has great energy! I only wish I could take a class with her."
Keynote Speaker