My objective is to deliver individual consultations, workshops and
programs, professional development services, and keynote addresses
that will empower individuals and organizations to reach their potentials.
Since my background is in psychology and counseling, I approach this
goal from that perspective.

Psychology is the study of behaviors (anything we do) and mental
processes (our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes). Students, for
example, may be operating under the belief system that they are just not
good at math; therefore, they simply don’t work hard in that subject area.
An educator may not utilize technology in classroom instruction because
doing so would mean changing the way in which she has taught for years.
Under most circumstances, change can be difficult; when faced with
change, humans have a tendency to “get stuck.”  What I am particularly
good at is helping individuals and organizations “get moving” toward their
goals, whether it is making the honor roll or dean’s list, becoming a more
effective educator, designing a successful program, or managing short
and long term projects. I see my role as supporting individuals to adjust
their mental processes (mindsets), so they can enact particular behaviors
(strategies) to recognize their potentials.

A famous psychologist, Carl Rogers, said that every human has what he
calls a “phenomenal field.” The phenomenal field is made up of our
subjective experiences.  Within it are our needs, goals, and feelings.  
Sometimes though, within that phenomenal field are obstacles to our
growth and development, preventing us from reaching our potentials.  In
my individual consultations, workshops and programs, professional
development services, and keynote addresses, my aim is to challenge
individuals and organizations to dig deep, self-reflect, and identify
roadblocks that prevent them from reaching their potentials, and indeed,
making their phenomenal fields, well, phenomenal.
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"Dr. Hazard was so
charismatic and
passionate about
what she does,
it was hard
not to be engaged
in the program.
The information
was very useful
and helpful."
- audience

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